Hi. We’re Agile Learning Facilitators, or ALFs. We are educators, social entrepreneurs, and parents who are changing the world by creating an education system for the 21st century. We run a network of schools and homeschool groups that fundamentally empower young people to create their own lives, and we lead by example. Sometimes we even write about it!


We are excited about the evolution of ALF Summer from a single international gathering to regionally-based and locally-sourced events at the emerging ALC hubs across our network. We see this transition as vital to building and maintaining strong relationships and supporting diverse expressions of the ALC model as our network continues to grow. Last summer, we were delighted to host an ALF Summer in Español, one with Greek translation, and one in Arabic/English!

Below you’ll find links to the ALF Summer programs that were planned for 2017…as well as a few upcoming ALF Fall/Winter offerings.

The ALC Network came together for the first ALF Summer in 2014, and ever since these gatherings have served to both connect our community of facilitators, orient newcomers, and get those in start-ups the support needed to grow thriving ALCs. 

Each program will have its own structure/schedule/flow, etc., though you will find some similarities among them. Check them out and choose the one that works best for you. Each program has multiple options for participation within it, so don’t fret if you can’t set aside a full two or three weeks. Let us know if you have any questions! info@alc.network.

There are schools hiring facilitators. Are you interested?!?!

ALF Fall Training Locations & Dates:
ALF Summer Locations & Dates:
TBD: Check back in late winter//early spring!