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…but were too afraid to ask. Welcome to the page that outlines everything that you need to know to participate as an ALF. It can seem overwhelming trying to keep connected and understand what’s going on in the ALF network…It’s okay, embrace the chaos! Then take a look at this guide to help you get oriented.

If you have any suggestions for making this page better, send them over to support@alc.network

  Email &   Communication


This is where our network chats in real time. On our Slack team we have channels for #support or #random discussion.

Getting Started with Slack

Slack is pretty free form and can seem a bit chaotic. It’s best to start with a few default channels.

  • #Announcements – A place where you can announce things to the community.
  • #Startup-Support  – Ask and answer questions about starting up an ALC
  • #Lounge – An off topic area to catch up with people.

Keep up with things going on around the network by joining #z-feed channels:

Learn more about how we use Slack

Join Slack

Give us your email and we'll add you to the ALF Team slack!

Yay Emails!

Everyone’s favorite: emails. We at ALC have a number of email lists and shared addresses for getting things done. We use Google Groups to manage our lists: you can see what lists you are on (if any) on the My Lists page of our Network Google Groups

Email Lists: These are single email addresses, but emails sent to them get forwarded to every address on a “list.” Saves you from having to cc a bunch of people. Some lists (like support) allow anyone to email them even if they aren’t a member.

How to use: Email is best for announcements that you want to be sure everyone sees. It’s also good for more thoughtful discussion.

Email Lists

Online Forum
This is the primary high flow email list for ALFs (baked and higher) and invited collaborators. Its purpose is for internal announcements, info about weekly calls, and discussion around ongoing projects.

This is our general email address. It’s what we share to the world. If you want to help out fielding these emails, just send a message!

If you ever need help with anything, just send an email to support. If you would like to receive support requests from your peers let support@alc.network know. 

Most of our communication happens on Slack (see above)

We use Trello for group projects and collaborative Kanban boards.

ALF Trello Team

Link: trello.com/alcfacilitators

The ALF Network has a team on trello. Once you join you’ll have access to all Trello boards which are created for the ALF Trello Team (you can do this too!)

If you are unclear about how to use Trello, please watch this video

Join Trello Team

  • So we can keep track of who is joining.

Community Mastery Board

Community Mastery Board Link
This is the Agile Learning Facilitators Network Community Mastery Board. It is designed to make visible our community agreements and protocols through a process we call Change Up Meetings. It is during these meetings that we discuss and move cards.


ALC WORKS! Board link
This is where we keep track of Working Groups (WG), Project Teams (PT), and Coherence Holders (CH). If you want to get involved with ALC Network work, this is the place to start.


Facilitation Practice Call
Time: 8:30pm – 9:30pm Mondays
CH: Jamie S.
The Facili-Prac call is for ALFs to discuss day-to-day facilitation at their ALCs. 
Network Call
Time: 2nd Sunday of each month, 11:00am EST
CH: Drew H.
The Network News call is for Working Group and Project Teams to share updates with everyone in the network. The call is also for updates from specific ALCs, especially as it relates to items that are pertinent to the wider network. 
ALC Parents Call
Time: ??? bimonthly
CH: Melissa
This will be a call for parents to discuss parenting Agile Learning Children, or “ALCs” for short. This will be a resource for parents new and old to ALC to talk about their excitements and concerns. 
Connection Call
Time: ??? Monthly
CH: Charlotte C.
This will be a monthly call for ALFs to check-in and catch up.
ALF Change Up
Time: 4th Monday of each Month, 7:00pm – 8:00pm
CH: Ryan S.
Change up for the ALF community! See the Community Mastery Board.
Tech Support Call

Time: 3rd Tuesday of each month, 8:00pm – 9:00pm

CH: Drew

Bring your technical questions to the Tech Support Call.  Need help making your website look the way you want it to look?  Call into this call!

Operations Support Call

Time: Every other Thursday, 4:00pm – 5:00pm (see InterALC calendar)

CH: Tomis

Bring your questions about operations at your ALC!  Need help setting up Quckbooks?  Looking for a location?  Call in to ask your questions.


Facilitating at a new ALC
Time: TBD CH: TBD Join this call to talk about Agile Learning Facilitation if you’re new to it!

ALF Calendar

The shared Calendar below is for inter-ALC events. If you would like to add events to this calendar, please ask a school coherence holder (or the webmaster) for access.

You can always find the calendar on this website at:


Get the feed:  

The ALC Lexicon

Part of communication is understanding each other. If you are hearing words that don’t make sense or people making inside jokes you can probably look it up here in our Lexicon. 

Please contribute to the document here!

Conflict Resolution


Having trouble with your peers? Feel like your learning center’s conflict resolution process isn’t serving your community? See a troubling pattern or potential issue within the network? Here’s how to deal:

  1. Start by using direct communication. Approach your peer and let them know how you are feeling.
  2. If that doesn’t settle it, enroll the help of another peer to support your communications.
  3. If the problem persists call a “Culture Committee” by enrolling multiple peers or filling out the Virtual Culture Committee Form.

ALC Google Drive

We use Google Drive to share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, image sharing, and more.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Drive, check out their getting started documents!

We are still developing best practices around how to use this shared resource. Please check the Community Mastery Board for cards related to Google Drive use.

Google Drive Shared Folder


Logos & Brand Assets


ALC offers a bunch of branding that you and your learning center can work with. If you use Adobe products you can use this ALC library which contains brand colors and logos.

alc-branding-center-banner copy

Get Brand Assets

This link will take you to our branding folder in our shared Google Drive. Here you will find logos, fonts, and other graphics for web (.png) and for print (.svg & .eps).


You can learn more about how to use the logo and branding by checking out our Brand Guidelines page. It has everything you’ll need!

ALF Membrane

Edit this Document

If you have any questions about your ALF status please email bakers@alc.network.

Declared ALF

Someone who has expressed an intention to be and ALF by filling out the ALF Declaration Form.

Rising ALF

Someone who has taken an opportunity working/interning/volunteering in an ALC or other ALF held space. See available opportunities here.

Recognized ALF*

A Rising ALF who has been recognized through the peer review process.


An ALF who holds space, like an ALC or ALF Summer.

Network Holder

An ALF who holds network wide spaces and can speak for the network.

*How To Get Recognized:

A person gets recognized as an ALF by request. This person already has a relationship with current ALFs in some capacity, whether it’s having attending ALF Summer or volunteering/working/interning at an ALC in the past or currently. This person has already been “rising.”

The Rising ALF must request a peer review using this form to get declared.

After their peer review, they follow the steps in the “Fresh Baked ALF” checklist to finalize their baking.

Social Media Accounts

Network Accounts

If you need access to any of these accounts please email webmasters@alc.network.

Google Plus

google.com/+AlcNetwork – ALC Network Google Plus Page


youtube.com/alcnetwork – ALC Network YouTube Page


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