ALF Summer 2016: The Main Event


ALF Summer Main Event is a three-week co-creative training for new ALC Startups and a self-organized incubator for the ALC Network. 

ALC coherence holders and experienced facilitators come together with parents, new facilitators, and ALC startup groups to provide foundational training and to support the evolution of the ALC model, and the ALC network.

ALF Summer 2016 participants will be organized into two tracks — Startup Training and Core Development. This approach is designed to support participants in getting the most out ALF Summer, considering their entry point into ALC work and intentions for future engagement. The Startup Training and Core Development tracks will begin and end each day together, cross-pollinate, and build meaningful relationships throughout ALF Summer.



The Details


Who’s it for?                                  

Key members of an ALC Startup (facilitators, administrators, parents, older students, etc.) looking to:

    • deepen their understanding of the ALC model
    • practice using and adapting ALC tools
    • gain experience embodying ALC distinctions and cultural practices
    • build relationships within the ALF community
    • collaborate with the ALC Network
    • equip themselves to grow their own ALC
    • have an enormous amount of fun and smoothies

A forward-thinking educator, social change-oriented entrepreneur, or a parent looking to:

    • do any of the above
    • learn powerful and practical tools for creating a micro-culture that supports self-directed education, community collaboration, and trust-based relationships
    • find their unique way of collaborating within the ALC network
    • stretch, grow, and live joyfully


  • July 11th-29th


  • Charlotte, NC

How much?

  • Week 1 (July 11-15)
    • $1200 with housing
    • $850 without housing
  • Week 1 & 2 (July 11-22)
    • $2200 with housing
    • $1600 without housing
  • Week 1-3 (July 11-29)
    • $3000 with housing
    • $2250 without housing

Scholarships are available. Learn more on the application page.

We always recommend coming for all of ALF Summer as the optimal way of experiencing its value, and we give precedence to full time participants.

That said, we recognize it is very challenging for most people to carve out three weeks of their summer to be away from home, work, and family. Thus, we have designed the program to allow for one, two and three week participation. 

Because we develop a lot of momentum as a community in a very short period of time, we do not take new participants once the program has started.

ALF Summer 2016:

The Main Event

Week 1

Week 1 will engage those coming for Startup Training with tools, practices and philosophy that are fundamental to the ALC educational model. Active ALFs working on Core Development will self-organize around relevant projects, conversations, and explorations of best practices. Deeper levels of cross-pollination between the two groups will take place as the first week progresses. If you are an ALC Startup member who can only make time for one week of ALF Summer — Week 1 is for you.

Week 2

The energy level gets a serious upgrade for Week 2 when we get a whole bunch of kids! The Core Development team will hold a summer camp for 20-30 kids of all ages and invite participation and leadership from the Startup Group. The Startup Training group will use the second week to practice facilitating side-by-side with seasoned ALFs. Startups will also self-organize to best meet their project’s needs and goals: go deeper into topics directly related to your startup project, get one-on-one support from ALC coherence holders, make offerings and engage in the summer camp as a facilitator, or spend time building your website or working on other administrative projects related to your ALC. This is your chance to work on your facilitator skills, enterprise your ALC Startup, and collaborate with the other members of your team.

Week 3

For those participating in the entire ALF Summer Main Event, Week 3 will offer you the opportunity to deepen your relationships with our ALF community and collaborate with us at a higher level. You will be able to engage in a peer review process and become a Recognized ALF, work on updating the ALC StarterKit with us, and help us determine our organizational structures for collaborating throughout the upcoming year. If you want to collaborate with the ALC Network at a high level, you’ll want to be a part of Week 3.

What Can You Expect to Get Out of It?


Just like a student at an ALC, what you get out of ALF Summer depends on what you do! The ALC project is collaborative. Rather than an exchange of goods or services for a price, which is limiting by nature, this program allows us to share our tools and experience and open up space for others to become active collaborators in the ALC project.


For Startups

Starting a school?

There’s no use in reinventing the wheel, especially by yourself.

There are passionate people all around the world who are running, starting, or have considered opening an alternative school. It’s becoming clearer to more and more people that our education system is irrelevant to the world we are living in. The action potential for a new paradigm is there, but collaboration and resource sharing is seriously lacking.

ALF Summer is designed to support startup groups who want to operate their own ALC independently and in collaboration with the ALC Network.

For startup groups, ALF Summer will be the beginning of many incredible relationships and an ongoing support system for your learning community. You’ll work with other innovative educators and learn from those who have started and continue to manage their own ALC.


For Individuals

Want to effect serious change?

You’re not alone! There are people who know another way is possible and are doing something about it.

There are educators around the world trapped in systems where they are unable to make the changes they want due to bureaucratic systems and high-stakes testing. Some are working in small alternative schools, but feel isolated from others with similar projects. We believe that we can make a bigger impact to revolutionize education if we work together.

ALF Summer is a launching pad for entrepreneurs and educators that want to begin a collaborative relationship with us.

So far, long-term opportunities in the ALC Network have been created by individuals who are tapped into their personal value and find effective ways of sharing it.


For Everyone

You will become an active creator of the ALC model by making and using it with us.


The Bare Bones

  • Up to three weeks of comfortable housing
  • Breakfast and lunch M-F (delicious, locally-sourced, organic, non-GMO, no antibiotics, grass-fed, free-ranging, college-educated, and spiritually nurtured food)
  • Workshops and direct experience in using and evolving ALC tools and practices
  • Deep relational learning from ALC facilitators and coherence holders
  • A really fun and almost-definitely transformative summer
  • A bunch of new friends — ages 6 to 65

Awesome! I want to apply.


Sounds interesting, but I have a question or two.