Application Deadline Extended to May 25th 
May 4th for those who need housing!

We are a growing network of learning communities that cultivate new levels of human potential and happiness in this ridiculously fast-changing world. We play with the boundaries of what is possible, not within them.

To do this we want to collaborate with the very best, most highly motivated individuals.

We have estimated expenses based on the number of weeks a participant attends, and whether we provide your housing, or if you take that on yourself. 

Week 1

$1200 – we provide housing

$850 – you provide housing

*scholarships available*

Weeks 1 & 2

$2200 – we provide housing

$1600 – you provide housing

*scholarships available*

Weeks 1-3

$3000 – we provide housing

$2250 – you provide housing

*scholarships available*

We recognize that not everyone that is a great fit for ALC at this time will be able to afford the full prices listed above. That said, we imagine that most people who are starting a micro-school should be savvy and able to fundraise if necessary. 

At the end of the Individual Application you will be asked if you can pay/raise the full amount for the number of weeks for which you are applying. If not, you’ll be asked to make us an offer — to pick a number that you can commit to contributing towards your participation in ALF Summer. 

Please note – all tuition offers should be made by each individual on the Individual Application. If you plan to fundraise or use group funds when applying as an ALC Startup, please consult with your other team members first before making your per-person tuition offer. 


If you’re applying as part of an ALC Startup team, please start with the Organization Application, then have all team members complete the Individual Application.
After your Organization Application has been submitted, have each team member complete the Individual Application. If you’re not applying with a Startup team, start here.

Collaboration is the name of the game — we’ll be in touch to discuss your application and get into your questions about the work! We want to know more about your motivation and vision for working with ALC, where you’re at in your personal journey, and what needs you have to participate. We’re committed to choosing and working with applicants who are ready to play, get to work, and make an impact.