ALF Summer Online 2021

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The Global Pandemic paused the planning of in-person ALF Summer experiences, but this doesn’t have to stop us from connecting and evolving together! Join us for a totally remote ALF Summer Immersive experience in July of 2021.

ALF Summer is emergent and always evolving. As such, while we expect to cover many of the “basics” organically and will make time to get everyone’s ALC tools & practices questions answered, we also intend to continue embodying personal growth and co-learning this year through deep dives into Self-Directed Education topics.

There is much to explore beyond the basic questions of what it looks like and how it works! Those who have been active in SDE spaces for a while are aware of the ways in which SDE work can be a portal and a conduit to so many other levels of personal growth, community building, and social justice work. We intend to go deep in those conversations together this summer, and we’d love for you to join us.

Below is a list of possible topics to explore. As always, we’ll co-create our schedule and have a mixture of offerings that come as a direct result of the latest work of our facilitators and the requests and interests of participants.


  • Intersections of social justice and SDE
  • Feelings & Needs, Witnessing Conflict + Tips!
  • Deschooling as a facilitator and expectations for your first year
  • College readiness for the college-excited SD learner + Teen ALC
  • Co-founders and/or facilitators’ burnout
  • Technology in shared spaces: how to raise aware people while having access to internet, media, handheld devices, etc.
  • Conversations with skeptical family members
  • Literacy and SDE
  • Math in SDE spaces
  • Making the social justice + SDE connection stronger in action in my center/community
  • Freedom not license
  • Unschooling with disabilities
  • Remote ALC
  • Setting up your physical space
  • Balancing being a parent and a facilitator
  • Barely legal ALC (running an ALC in countries where homeschooling/unschooling is not legal)
  • Working with little ones (3-6 year olds)

What are we missing? Submit your ideas below.

Are there sessions you would like to facilitate? Let us know when you register!


Date: Monday July 26 to Friday July 30*

Time (EST): 9:00-1:30pm

Cost: $50-$150 sliding scale


9-9:30am EST: Morning Spawn 

9:30am-10:30am EST: Session 1*

10:30-12:00pm EST: Session 1.5 (Breakout groups/or Session 1 extension)

12:00pm-1pm EST: Session 2*

1-1:30pm EST: Afternoon Spawn

*Multiple sessions will be scheduled in these time slots to choose from. 

We will also host a Virtual Set-the-Week before the opening day so we can get started quickly Monday morning. Change-up Meeting will happen mid-week for us to embody this tool together. 

Max 100 participants

Your Organizers

Nancy Tilton, Crystal Byrd Farmer, Jean Finlay, and Sonia Bercuci


Send questions, comments, and issues to Crystal at [email protected].