Welcome to the page that outlines everything that you need to know to participate as an ALF. It can seem overwhelming trying to keep connected and understand what’s going on in the ALF network…It’s okay, embrace the chaos! Then take a look at this guide to help you get oriented.

If you have any suggestions for making this page better, send them over to support@alc.network or post them at #support on Slack!

Logos & Brand Assets

ALC offers a bunch of branding that you and your learning center can work with. If you use Adobe products you can use this ALC library which contains brand colors and logos.

Get Brand Assets

This link will take you to our branding folder in our shared Google Drive. Here you will find logos, fonts, and other graphics for web (.png) and for print (.svg & .eps).

You can learn more about how to use the logo and branding by checking out our Brand Guidelines page. It has everything you’ll need!


  • @alcnetwork ~reposts from across the network
  • @explora.alc ~ posts in Spanish (@seeds.of.freedom for Swedish)
  • @fareofthefreechild ~ok so not an ALC…but Akilah rocks…
  • @agilelearningcenternyc ~ALC-NYC


This is where our network chats in real time. On our Slack team we have channels for #support or #random discussion.

Getting Started with Slack

Slack is pretty free form. New members are added automatically to a few basic channels. Once you’re comfortable in those, or if you’re looking for something more, you can click Channels in your sidebar to peruse the offerings available.

Don’t see the topic or language you’re looking for? Click the + icon next to Channels to create a new channel! Just don’t forget to throw the news in #announcements so folks know to join.

Keep up with things going on around the network by joining #z-feed channels. There’s not much discussion in these, but they’ll show you who near you is downloading the Starter Kit or when Support forms come in from potential collaborators.

Here’s a blog post Drew wrote a few years ago about how to use Slack

Join Slack

Give us your email and we'll add you to the ALF Team slack!

ALF Calendar

The shared Calendar below is for InterALC events. Add events you want other ALFs to know about! You can always find the calendar on this website at:


Conflict Resolution

Conflicts: opportunities for change and growth. We tend to use the same process among ourselves as we use in many of our schools. Here are the steps:

  1. Start by using direct communication. Approach the other person and attempt to talk things out.
  2. If that doesn’t settle the situation, enroll the help of a peer to support your next attempt to talk things out.
  3. If the problem persists, call a “Culture Committee” for mediation by enrolling multiple peers or filling out the Virtual Culture Committee Form.


Content below this point reflects practices that fell out of use in 2016. Having spent the years since then working on a cultural reset and upgrades that consider our increased time-zone//linguistic diversity, we’re looking forward to testing new tools and practices through 2020.

ALF Trello Team

Link: trello.com/alcfacilitators

The ALF Network has a team on trello. Once you join you’ll have access to all Trello boards which are created for the ALF Trello Team (you can do this too!)

If you are unclear about how to use Trello, please watch this video

Join Trello Team

  • So we can keep track of who is joining.

Community Mastery Board

Community Mastery Board Link
This is the Agile Learning Facilitators Network Community Mastery Board. It is designed to make visible our community agreements and protocols through a process we call Change Up Meetings. It is during these meetings that we discuss and move cards.


ALC WORKS! Board link
This is where we keep track of Working Groups (WG), Project Teams (PT), and Coherence Holders (CH). If you want to get involved with ALC Network work, this is the place to start.

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