ALC Events & Training Questionnaire

Hey there,

It’s that time of year when it’s cold but everyone is already making big plans for the summer!

We are planning several collaborative training programs this summer to strengthen our ALCs, evolve our educational model, develop new leadership, support new ALC Startups, and share our tools with curious pioneers.

We need to determine the best places to focus our energy and resources. Please review the offerings for Summer 2016 and take a few minutes to fill out the survey. Your feedback will help us craft relevant offerings to your specific interest in Agile Learning Centers. 

With love and agility,


ALC Offerings

ALF Summer 2016

Main Event

This is the main event that focuses on bringing together our current ALF community to share best-practices, evolve our educational model, strengthen our relationships, and work on projects that support our ALCs.

This experience is for:

  • Current/active Agile Learning Facilitators 
  • People working with an ALC Member/Startup community
  • Self-Directed Education superstars wanting to collaborate and contribute to the evolution of the ALC model

This is happening:

  • In Charlotte, NC — July 11-29th
ALF Foundations 2016

1-2 Week Foundational Program 

The Foundations program will provide an immersive and collaborative training experience for our next round of collaborators. You will learn ALC fundamentals alongside experienced facilitators. 

This experience is for:

  • People working with an ALC Member/Startup community
  • Someone seeking training in facilitation of self-directed environments
  • Someone looking to strengthen ties with an established ALC

This is happening:

  • Charlotte – July 11-22nd
  • Wherever you organize one!
ALC Workshop 2016

3-day Intensive Into to ALC 

This ALC Workshop will get you familiar with ALC tools, facilitation, cultural practices, and enterprising for those interested in any or all aspects of working in, or running an ALC. 

This experience is for:

  • Self-directed learning enthusiasts
  • Anyone considering starting a self-directed learning community
  • Anyone looking for concrete tools for creating and sustaining a healthy culture in their community

This is happening:

  • Portland, OR — August 9-11th
  • Wherever you organize one!