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Dance Workshop at ALC Summer Camp

As part of the ALF Summer training this year at ALC Mosaic, I had the opportunity to facilitate a workshop centered on spontaneous creativity and expression through dance and movement. This offering was inspired by the Community-based Contemporary Dance Workshop, led by youth leaders from CAUCE (the Center for Urban Community and Entrepreneurial Action of Rio Piedras, …

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Juegos finitos VS. Juegos infinitos

Cuando los niños juegan, o mejor dicho cuando las personas juegan, existen dos posibilidades: los juegos finitos y los infinitos. Los juegos finitos son juegos que tienen reglas y posibilidades preestablecidas y tienen un final. Son jugados con el propósito de ganar, de obtener un objetivo, y cuando este es logrado el juego termina. Juegos finitos: Las reglas no …

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What Do You See Happening in Education in the next 10-15 Years?

It is the last day to apply for our ALF Summer Program. In the last 24 hours we’ve had a lot of applications come in! It’s exciting. It’s exhilarating. Reading each application brings so much energy to me. Our second summer program has attracted some incredible people who are all working to create they change they …

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